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Saturday, August 21, 2010


While I was in Missouri visiting Mom a couple weeks ago, at my behest we drove by my old childhood home. We lived there from when I was about three years old until I started school, so not a long period of time but it is from whence I draw my first clear memories. I had never been so strongly pulled to visit this place before and I wonder about that. Was it due to the strong foundational energy I felt in that structure? We lived much longer in the new brick house in that same town - throughout my grade school years - and yet my energy connection seems to be with the old white farm house. So many memories there that are fuzzy and yet vibrant at the same time! In the beautiful synchronicity of life, as we drove by the place it was for sale and vacant so Mom and I were able to walk around the nicely maintained property. So many times when someone visits a former home, especially one that is older, they find it in disrepair but such was not the case here. For that I am very grateful. The sellers had completely renovated it back in 2003, although changing it into a 'business' rather than a home dwelling. Yet... Lovely to see. I wanted to buy it so badly!!!! Oh well, that part wasn't in the cards and I'm sure there is a very valid reason, not the least of which is that I don't particularly want to live in Missouri again. Yet... The pull remains powerful; there is something I need to do or address that is calling me into that time period, those emotions, the phase of life, the experiences. Reflection is upon me... Maybe I'll write a story melding the past and a fictional 'what if' of the future!

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