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Cats n Dogs

Cats n Dogs aka Kits n K9s
Currently In Residence:

When I was a kid, we always had at least one dog and usually two or three.
In addition, both sets of grandparents lived on farms,
so I grew up with cats, dogs, birds, fish, chickens, ducks, horses, and cows.
I cannot imagine living without animals, but especially dogs and cats; 
their presence is vital to me, 
as necessary as food and water.

As a young adult, I lived one horrible year in an apartment without a dog;
I tried to make do with a rabbit and some birds,
but quickly ended up rescuing a stray dog, so then had to get a house 
(I boarded the stray at a kennel until I could bring her home with me).

Animal rescue (plus dog activities including a wide variety of AKC events)
was a huge part of my life in my 20s and 30s,
so some cats and dogs came into my life as rescues
(often with pre-existing health concerns)
while others were adopted directly from conscientious breeders;
all were adored and will be missed forever.


"We who choose to surround ourselves 
with lives even more temporary than our own 
live within a fragile circle; 
easily and often breached. 
Yet, still we would live no other way."  
- Irving Townsend

Navarre - July 2003 to November 2020
Otter - March 2000 to October 2020
Phoenix - June 2006 to January 2018
Pooka - October 2000 to September 2014
Guinevere - April 2001 to November 2014
Joxer - May 1998 to October 2013
Khepra - October 2004 to March 2012
Gump - March 2000 to 2011
Morgan - November 1998 to June 2011
Chiana - March 1997 to January 2011
Demeter - May 1997 to September 2010
Imhotep - January 2000 to March 2010
Juliette - April 1994 to February 2010
Hobbit-Sophia - June 1997 to March 2009
Crocker - May 1994 to April 2005
Cocoa - March 1995 to March 2005
Romeo - June 1994 to January 2005
Merlyn - March 1997 to August 2004
MacGyver - March 1993 to November 2003
Anouk - April 2001 to May 2003
Sili-Anij - April 2001 to March 2002
Astarte - April 1996 to September 2002
Twen-Ch'ang - January 1999 to March 2001
Kiki - December 1984 to December 1999
Amber - March 1986 to January 1997

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