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Friday, July 24, 2009

calm and clear far and near

calm and clear far and near so dear
to those who call our names and spirits home
to feel the wind and see the light
and know the deepest heart's delight
as on we go through spring and snow
and seasons we enjoy to reach our
path's awakening and so we bring
our souls as one as all to Source to cleanse and
become calm and clear

shadows are my friends who share the
secrets of our changing souls to see
the truth and alert our hearts to
crossroads in the trails ahead or
those that mark a turning point
shadows stretch a blanket of revealing form
upon a resting soul

feeling a broad deep contentment with
overtones of inward energy
yet it wants to flow outward

like a well bubbling up within my chest
effervescent and lit from a source beyond
reflecting change and potential

dreams are stilled at night and real in daylight
bring a soul to feel the light
no more to dwell in dark of night
so shall we all join souls and pray
in peace and love and bliss today

like a bliss within is vibrating all my cells
to resonate with all the beauty and potential everywhere
and in everything

that our evolution is on a brink of breaking out of its channels
to overflow all areas of Being in all parts of the world at one time

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