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Monday, July 27, 2009

Rejection of Form or Society?

I was mulling upon this topic this morning ...

My entire life (except for those brief periods where I sought to 'fit in' with peers and society's expectations) I have rejected restrictive clothing ... shoes, underwear, bras, tight pants or shirts. I'm barefooted except when absolutely necessary! Pretty much anything that feels like another layer of 'skin' upon my form. Loose and airy clothing are preferred. I don't have 'sensitive' skin per se and don't get rashes from tight clothing, neither have I ever been overweight so it's not a matter of 'hiding' my body -- in fact, skimpy, minimal clothing is fine as well.

So where does this rejection of restriction come from? Is this a rejection of bodily form? Or a resistance to the restrictions of Society? Or both?

Tight clothing has often infused me with the sense that I cannot breathe or expand or move. Granted, my bodily form has the Tubercular Miasm -- and I am a primarily Vata type in constitution -- poor circulation in both body and society (always having been a 'solitary' person, comfortable in small groups, one-on-one, alone, or out in nature) -- don't pin me down to one view as I always like to see the 'other side'. So there is certainly an 'air' and 'circulatory' quality to the form as I experience it.

Is there a part of me that remembers what it was like to be pure Spirit moving freely and easily through all mediums?

Over the past decade, as I made choices that consciously supported this need to feel 'free' -- leaving restrictive jobs or people while embracing things that contribute to openness like flower essences, spiritual seeking, Hatha Yoga (love those 'chest openers'!) -- I feel like a bit of me expands more with each passing moment?

Does everyone feel this growing expansion as they age? Do some embrace it and others resist it?

When we see monks or nuns in their voluminous robes, are they enveloped in robes to obscure the human form or because the loose materials allow for the sense of expansion beyond the world of form?


  1. I too have always HATED anything that restricts me be that physically or mentally. I like my clothes baggy and frequently look like a bit of a bag lady, as my clothes are so shapeless. It isn't a case of wanting to have the body covered due to shyness, as I am happy to go naked on beaches, and have no hang ups about my body. I just hate restriction, and even as a child I felt like that, whether it was the restriction of school - I remember only too well having a stand up argument with a teacher who had told me to tuck in my shirt - I refused point blank! Unfortunately I was so engrossed in the argument that I hadn't noticed the headmaster come into the back of the class - I was not popular that day, but it still didn't make me conform to the restrictive nature of clothes and mind. I wonder whether all those similar in nature to you and I feel the same?

  2. That's a great story. Alas, except for when I was in kindergarten, throughout school I generally conformed as I like structure when it comes to studying and have always loved school so didn't want anything to interfere with my studies! LOL Thanks for commenting! :-)


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