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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Nature's Disclosures to Humanity

I was drawn to Ayurveda through learning Yoga and, having taken further steps to study and understand this ancient self-healing modality, I am grateful to be able to share it's gifts with family, friends, and clients.
Ayurveda emphasizes self-care and self-knowledge because at its deepest level of healing intention is for the individual to know herself (know her Self) and be in awareness of her own life and destiny, fulfilling her purpose. Ayurveda brings a sense of deeper principles and spiritual integrity to health care - a sense that is strongly holistic - and is definitely not the kind of truncated materialistic medical system we have today that ignores any broader or deeper meaning to life.

This approach is not a theory, but a way in which Nature has disclosed to humanity the organic workings of the life force. Further, the terms used in Ayurveda ... are part of a natural language for organizing the information revealed by direct perception.

(quotes: Frawley, AIVS study course)

The self-healing of the Ayurvedic system will entwine seamlessly with the modalities with which I am already familiar such as Flower Essences, Homeopathy, Biochemic Therapy, and Reiki, as well as with Yoga as I continue to study and learn more.

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