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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Use the Light

Use the light.
Come home to your true nature.
Don't cause yourself injury:
This is known as seizing the truth.
~ Lao Tzu (the full passage text and audio clip by Eknath Easwaran website)

This portion of a passage (#52) from the Tao Te Ching held deep resonance for me this morning (I received it in my Thought For The Day email in-box), so I share it here with you. Following are a few other translations, although I have included a bit more of the full passage in some of them; the message is so beautiful.

Discover that nothing is too small for clear vision,
Too insignificant for tender strength,
Use outlook
And insight,
Use them both
And you are immune:
For you have witnessed eternity.
~ The Way of Life According to Lau Tzu by Witter Bynner

Seeing the small is called clarity;
keeping flexible is called strength.
Using the shining radiance,
you return again to the light
and save yourself misfortune.
This is called the practice of eternal light.
~ Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life - Living the Wisdom of the Tao by Wayne Dyer

Seeing into darkness is clarity.
Knowing how to yield is strength.
Use your own light
And return to the source of light.
This is called practicing eternity.
~ Website (attributed to translation by S. Mitchell)

See the subtle and be illuminated.
Abide in gentleness and be strong.
Use your light, and return to insight.
Don't expose yourself to trouble.
This is following Tao.
~ Website (attributed to translation by Walker)

See the subtle and the clear
It is the empty source of light
There is no danger in this place
That is forever in plain sight
~ Website (interpretation by Jim Clatfelter)

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