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Monday, July 12, 2010

a lesson in flexibilitty

This past weekend, I was reminded of the importance of flexibility...

Friday, the lovely delphiniums at the center of one of the flower gardens were nearly seven feet tall! One had blossomed out entirely, while the other stalks were starting up their stems. Alas, we had torrential rains along with the thunderstorms and all but one delphinium broke (the one that didn't was a young one, the stem still bendy). I was sad for them and that I wouldn't get to see them all in full bloom -- and annoyed that I hadn't taken a photo of them last week when the hot weather had them joyously straining up to the sky! However, I did go out and bring the salvageable ones inside so that we could enjoy their beauty for a little while longer. The cats thought they were interesting, although I think they found the bug that rode in even more fun!


  1. You either have slugs with different appetites to ours in the UK or no slugs: every time that I have planted up delphiniums they haven't even survived a night before before razed to the ground. :-( I do so love them and would love to have been able to grow them, they are so beautiful.

    We had terrible storms here yesterday and last night: winds up to 86 miles an hour. My plants actually managed to do quite well, though the wind did remove an 8 foot by 6 foot garage door. Actually I am less upset about the garage door than I would have been if my flowers had been damaged!

  2. Very rarely do I see a slug on our property as we have sand for 'soil' and have to bring in REAL soil to create the flower beds ... Although I did see some slugs last years due to our extremely wet season that was unusual. I'm pretty sure other parts of Maine have to deal with slugs though. :( sorry your delphs won't grow... Wow, though, wicked bad winds you had!!!


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