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Saturday, July 10, 2010


Ron was mean. Okay, maybe not "mean" in the true context of the word. He was teasing me. :-) Here's the story...

We're at our favorite little restaurant (krista's in Cornish, ME) for breakfast this morning. We sat at one of our usual tables (yes, we're 'regulars' -- we have a 'date' there almost every Saturday morning where we catch up on the past week, and reconnect our energies for the coming weekend time spent happily together, but I digress...) -- this time I was sitting with my back to the wall so that I could see out the window to watch the river (whose waters are SO low right now due to the extreme heat and the lack of recent rainfall), when Ron glances over my shoulder and, with a straight face, says "oh, the woop-woop is gone". I gasped and whipped my head around at about 90 MPH -- I could have injured myself! He busted out laughing, and then I laughed, too, in huge relief, because the "woop-woop" was still there, hanging on the wall as usual. The backstory is that I fell in love with this piece of artwork as soon as I saw it -- must have been at least a year ago -- and a few months back I asked Krista if she would please give me first right of refusal if she ever decided to sell it (she sells other pieces of art hanging on the walls, but this one was done for her by a friend, and the creature is called a woop-woop). Every time I see the woop-woop, I feel silly and happy and full of child-liked delight! Anyway, I share this lovely little fella with all of you this morning so that you can enjoy the "woop-woop", too! LOL

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