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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

skating on towels

On my knees, the phrase "wax on, wax off" from “Karate Kid” pops into my mind. Muscles flex and relax -- thank goodness for the arm strengthening of 'down dog' as I feel the cooperation of flesh and bone -- and my fingers tighten on the handle of the scrub brush. I glance to where I've been and smile at the glistening tile. If it weren't for Phoenix, the little stinker, I would only have to use the mop and could stand up to clean the floor! LOL He spends his spare minutes licking the 'lines' where the grout is between the tile, over time leaving behind a streak of dirt because that canine saliva is kind of sticky! Then, standing up to mop is a break for my back (instead of breaking my back) plus it’s much easier to dance to "Fujiama Mama" and "Dynamite" by the incomparable Wanda Jackson and Brenda Lee! This mop pole is made for an average size person, so my height doesn't lend itself as easily to the job as I'm always bent over just a bit more than is comfortable; maybe if I close my eyes and imagine a tall dance partner? But the really fun part follows as I skate across the floor with raggedy drying towels beneath my feet! Hmm. I think Pippi Longstocking had more fun with this... I am in total housecleaning mode this week, relishing the full-spectrum results - albeit perhaps not the work itself - as compared to the spot-cleaning I’ve been doing. After almost a year of intense studying in addition to being gone for extended periods of time, I've come home. Literally, and very physically, on this warm summer day.

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