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Monday, April 16, 2012

a little bird

(c) sophia rosenberg, we'moon 2012
a little bird
once told me I could ...
I could do anything be anything
because I am me
no one else like me 
and yet I know she meant
that it was because I am part of all life
connected in a unique way
all forms fit together
and flow as one unit
even when we resist
still we remain connected

a little bird
pure and white
reminds me of truth and trust
on the path
she perches on my shoulder  
whispers in my ear with chirps and song
I recognize
they are the sounds 
of joy and peace
of heartbeat and breath
tiny heart fluttering in her chest
quick breath that lifts her 
filling her hollow bones with light

a little bird 
comes to wish me well
encourage and inspire
she and "mister bluebird on my shoulder"
bring me into the wonderful day
I could skip into a cartoon drawing
how vibrant and vivid the moment feels
world an incredible gift

a little bird
flits and hovers
making its way around orange tree
darting in and out
among gleaming leaves
circling entire tree
briefly touching wood
quickest of pauses

a little bird
woke up with me
together we watched 
the sunrise in our hearts
warming the flowers of new ideas
until they open to create a garden
infinite color texture love
dream or real?

a little bird
sings and all life listens
notes carried upon downy feathers
up into the air
across field and canyon and forest 
and lakes great enough to be oceans
crystal notes resonate
within our cells
bring message of love and possibility
we answer
singing back in rivers of creativity 
that flow from brush and pen and fingers and lips red 
with the blood of life connecting us all in woven threads

a little bird
once told me I was worthy
found beauty in my charred soul
from which the seed cracked open
a tear falling raised this flower into the light
he inspired
through passionate living of
his own truth
saw an ancient spark deep within me
tiny lumen of soul-love
revealed by artist's eyes and hands long ago
touched my soul
I blossomed

a little bird
falls from the sky
time stops as I cradle the fragile moment
cupping my hands to hold its blessing
of light so quickly come and gone
yet knowing it will come again
returning always
in a million beams of 
rainbow curves
sparkling droplets
winsome giggles of inspiration

a little bird
calls and I follow her voice
into the words
down the path to the waterfall
bathe in her essence
as she pours over me
we transform in this moment 
changing like quicksilver
we flow down the mountain and then 
lift onto the current of wind 
that offered us a ride 
she goes right
I go left
then we are One again

a little bird
drinks from the fountain of youth
knows the infinite wisdom
the present moment
is our soul's journey
forms fade and are born
dust of the desert becomes
fairy magic 
sprinkled over all who sleep
calling us to awaken

a little bird
pecks my cheek
sweetest of kisses
tilts her head
flies away
into the ethereal expanse 
of cosmic consciousness

a little bird
voice always near
notes strong and clear

writing prompt image from We'Moon 2012, image (c) Sophia Rosenberg 2006


  1. That's lovely, Darla. It's especially meaningful to me as birds have always played such an important part in both my physical life and in my life of the spirit. Thank you.

  2. I'm so pleased the piece resonated with you, Beth. Thank you.


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