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Friday, April 13, 2012

waves of wind

A photo reminds me of walks through woods lined with tall pine trees standing straight and wise. They are with me still in my heart and I can feel their protection when I close my eyes in stillness. For ten years in a womb of rebirth I was gestating within Gaia. Soft, moist, strong, solid, calm, easy, slow, mellow. I knew this, felt Her and all became clear--the elements, the elementals, the resonance of all life in various blends. Pure perfection every one.
And now, the winds, the air, the warmth of sun and desert, the cool clear nights--all opposite in the extreme and yet I lift my face into the winds and inhale so deeply I am floating like a balloon across the expanse of all moments at once.
As the breeze passes by, she waits with patience for new clothes, for a fresh coat of colors of desert wildflowers and indigo dusking and a tan once more of nut-brown skin. Spirit Woman of the Garden, she travelled from Missouri to Maine to Arizona and yet where did she begin? I think here, her southwestern roots embedded within the concrete that shapes her graceful image. She has come home and I feel her smile widen just a bit, the energy she carries is peaceful and spreads throughout our yard, a serene xeriscape in which I see the vibrating threads of connection that were once long and tangled now creating the simple web of Oneness with their cohesive closeness once more. 
They all stand so firm upon the land, these desert beings, the winds racing around them as if they were obstacles on a course of infinity. See the spirals and figure-eights left in the wake of the zephyrs? The wind does not blow straight across the land down here but rather curves around the mountains, and twists among the cactus, agave and yucca, then flows over the heads and up into the sunlight streaming strong and bright. I sit among these beings of light in their uniforms of plant and rock and earth and we call out to each other, feeling and loving our mystery among the world, sharing our magical awareness to celebrate the diversity of the Divine. We breathe in and out together as One.
Her breath cools the heat within me that still rises in cycles at times and I am grateful for the lull upon my cells, the stillness of the flash for a moment that then settles and calms. Moving to the desert while still in the midst of transition might not have been wise and yet somehow it feels right--like Fate's hand was guiding, weaving Her own tapestry of transition around me so that our energies could merge into a beautiful rebirth. 
Spirit Woman's peaceful gaze calms the tempest, she is a drishti that calls me home to Gaia. 
Gaia is the Siren of my Soul that opens my eyes to new possibilities and to blessed return. For return is coming always closer, and is welcome when it appears, the little deaths along the way that herald and open and precede this form's ultimate demise. See how they prepare the way so that Fear does not put a blindfold upon my eyes?
Ahhh ... feel the free-flowing ocean of air upon the waves of energy that rise from all life? Soothing and invigorating all at the same time in her Oneness.
The brim of my hat shields my eyes from the glare of sun that is not hot for now because wind cools with her breath. Wild and sassy, she dances and caresses. At the top of her inhale, a pause, and heat awakens upon my skin, quickly followed by a gusty exhale that rapidly cools whatever heat had been building. Waves of wind, cascading or churning, lifting and falling, laughing and teasing as she quenches my thirst and cools the burn in ways only imagined in once-upon-a-time. 
She fills and empties and transforms as I continue the journey of life.


  1. Very pretty, Spirit Woman does look like she's at home in the desert garden!

  2. Loved the description of the wind blowing in circular rather than linear patterns. You really do just nest in the womb of Gaia wherever you are, don't you?

  3. Catching up with you...I'd say your view has improved. And how pretty Bella is. I'm enjoying the new side Gaia is showing to you in this new place.

  4. Wind blowing in spirals and figure 8's - how I love that! Love that desert and you!

  5. Thank you, ladies.

    Diane, i do believe she is...
    mermaid, I nest in Her and She in me ... I often feel I could disappear into Her entirely...
    Vicki, all is beauty and wonder in diversity, yes?
    Renate, blessings abound whenever I pause...much love...


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