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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Relaxing Into It

We are relaxing into our new life, fully embracing our home and landscape, with a serene weekend that began last night exchanging foot massages (our feet were grateful for the oil that seals cracks and heals dryness), then up early this morning for a pleasant walk around the neighborhood.

The palo verde are bright with sunny blossoms in harmony against green skin, the ocotillo are still showing off their red tips on slender stalks, all against the Tucson Mountains.

After our walk, we venture to a delightful restaurant nearby--Coyote Pause (photos front of building and courtyard taken a few weeks ago, not today--no clouds today!)--where the mesquite pancakes (an authentic Tohono O'odham recipe using flour from the Mesquite tree's seed pods) are fluffy beneath the river of agave syrup. Yum!

Outside the restaurant, we enjoy the gardens of the Cat Mountain Emporium. The prickly pear cactus is particularly lovely as its flowers begin to bloom.


  1. I love seeing the beauty in your new home!

  2. This looks positively exotic and wonderful, like something out of a book. I want to have breakfast at a place called "Coyote Pause." (speaking of which, Coyote Pause would be a great name for a book!) Yes, a move is in the works! Or at least the ten million item "pre-move" checklist. The idea of selling to try to take advantage of a great opportunity in a neighboring town (25 minutes away, not far), was this silly, fanciful dream. It had to happen in 5 months in order to work, which as anyone whose been alive the last couple of years knows, is not impossible - but maybe close to it. Most of the folks I know who have sold, it's taken more like 10 months to a year. Well, guess what - it took a day!! Yes, ONE DAY. So everything is on fast forward and I have not even had a chance to blog about it yet. There will certainly be posts to come, however... the furry kids are getting ready to go through a major upheaval!!

  3. Thanks, Vicki -- our homes are in such contrasted landscapes, it's amazing...

    Wouldn't it though, Brenda? Book title, I mean...hmmm... One day. That's fantastic! Clearly meant to be. Sending you and the fur-kids lots of calm, focused energy for the days to come, my friend.


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