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Monday, April 9, 2012

radiating light from our core

Another photo of "Bella" our Bottlebrush tree ... 

I also made a flower essence from her, and you can read the messages she shared with me HERE.

May your Light shine brightly!


  1. I've never seen this tree before, Darla, but I absolutely love it! I'm assuming that we probably can't grow it here (a decidedly different climate!), but I'm going to research it just the same.

    I like your poem about Bella. Seems like finding her in your yard is a very good sign!

  2. Bella is beautiful! I didn't know bottlebrush plants could grow to be that big. The red flowers look stunning against the blue sky.

  3. Beth, the Bottlebrush is actually native to Australia; I've read that it can grow in Florida but that one has to be very careful of not over-watering.

    Diane, isn't she just?! She's the largest one in our neighborhood, and I feel so blessed that she is growing with vigor in our yard.


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