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Thursday, January 11, 2024

Time Passing

 I began this particular blog in 2009, during a time of shifting goals, energies, and life circumstances. But this wasn't my first blog, oh no. A decade earlier in 1999, I got my first home computer and created a cumbersome blog to also write about holistic healing for animals, plus I ran an online forum for natural healing modalities to help cats and dogs. Having my own web site, even back then, was also helpful for advertising my fledgling pet-sitting business! And there were a couple other blogs as well: one geared toward spirituality and my yearning for a pilgrimage, the other dedicated to the memories of all my fur-kids who had passed on. 

Now that I'm in my sixties and 'officially' retired, I realize that I've left a lot of alphabet footprints for some curious person to unearth later. May the words I've shared inspire and heal others!

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