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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Pomegranates etc

For class last night, I set out a nice little display of apple slices and pomegranate seeds which lent a festive appeal while also being a healthy, seasonally-appropriate snack. Thankfully, I had learned a clean, relatively simple way to extract seeds from pomegranate (immersing the fruit in water as fingers dislodge the seeds) and they were worth the minor trouble -- yum!

The class was titled Transitioning Into Autumn and I had such fun with it! We started with learning about various flower essences that provide emotional support, whether for letting go of the warmth we liked or dreading the coming cold, or in the case of fears or anxieties surrounding the current Swine Flu hype. Then we listened to a three-minute resonance remedy for flu prevention, followed by discussion about three Homeopathic remedies for cold/flu prevention or to 'nip-it-in-the-bud'. In addition, there are two cell salts perfectly suited for transitioning from summer into fall/winter. With all these situations, I mentioned how EFT could be helpful.

Then, we moved into lifestyle and the many ways available to support our bodies, minds and spirits, including some that are part of the daily and seasonal routines in Ayurveda. It was exciting to be able to already share with others some of the lifestyle tips I'd learned through my KSA studies. I also mentioned a few simple yet deeply grounding techniques.

I enjoyed the class so much that I'm pleased I'll have another opportunity to facilitate it this Saturday at a different location! I'm deeply grateful to be able to share this supportive and self-healing information with others.

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