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Tuesday, October 6, 2009


When I was at KSA, the day before we were to take our exam, I decided to still my nervousness by walking the labyrinth on the Kripalu grounds and inviting within its healing energy. The path is grass, lined with trees, tall grasses, and Cosmos* flowers. Pausing at the threshold, I set my intention to release any fear, anxiety or expectation surrounding the exam and then walked to the center holding that intention. In the center, I gave thanks for the many blessings in my life. And as I walked to the exit, I welcomed peace, calm and the knowing that everything would happen as it was meant to regarding the exam and future studies. The experience was beautiful and filled me with contentment.

I do a similar ritual of release and invitation when walking the labyrinth that Ron and I created on our own property, and yet find each experience to be unique because every moment is changed from the preceding one. In the winter, when our labyrinth is covered with snow, I sometimes use a small hand-held labyrinth as a focal for meditation, consciously moving my finger along the path each direction.

Today someone directed me to a wonderful on-line cyber labyrinth that one can follow along at Gratefulness.org -- give it a try!
* It just so happens that the Cosmos flower essence (the very first essence I bought of this range years ago) is for:

Positive qualities: Integration of ideas and speech; coherent thinking; mercurial expression

Patterns of imbalance: Unfocused, disorganized communication; overexcited speech, overwhelmed by too many ideas

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