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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Connect with Respect

Connect Respect Reflect
Heart Mind Soul

In the past week, it seems I've read a lot about relationships through friends, articles, books - everywhere! We are all growing into or out of relationships of all kinds. I delve ever more deeply into one while allowing natural distance to flow out of another yet not in separation but as recognition of and in respect for each path. From Source the vines spread. Like the ivy upon ancient grounds and walls, we all are twining, meeting, joining, dividing and ultimately transforming into a vision of vibrant vital life through death and rebirth.

With awareness ...

Connect with someone in open-hearted presence.
Respect their space in open-minded perception.
Reflect upon the message through the mind that dwells in the heart - through soul/Self.

Before speaking, I may pause, allowing the space in which to ask myself three questions before responding:

Are my words true?
Are my words kind?
Are my words necessary?

I read somewhere about these three questions (the source currently eludes me), and while the first two are reflected in many texts, it was the third that must struck me. Is what I have to say really necessary?! Are the words mere noise to fill the space of a conversation? Or are the words going to truly further meaning within the discussion?

I find myself writing more but speaking less, allowing for deeper listening, communing ... and opening the way, ultimately, for deeper connection to All ... people, animals, mother earth, source ...

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