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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Loving Presence

"This and many other experiences led him to conclude that touch, compassion and human contact were essential components of any deep healing work, and that loving presence is the basic healing attitude upon which everything else ultimately depends.

This is so obvious and so simple that we are extremely liable to forget it and over-complicate things. We get caught in our need to know and understand, or we find the impulse to intervene and to direct or control what is happening just too strong to resist. I was grateful to Ron for reminding me of what is most important in this work we call healing, and for demonstrating so elegantly how it is only that rare combination of attentive loving presence and non-intrusiveness that creates the safe space in which our deepest wounds can gently surface to the light of consciousness."

~ Ian Watson (excerpt from his most recent newsletter, referring to Ron Kurtz)

Ian Watson is one of my favorite healers as his words always resonate so deeply within me. Someday, I plan on attending one of his retreats. Until then, I continue to gratefully read his books and articles, and to listen to recordings of his lectures. I appreciate the path he travels and the gifts of knowledge he shares.

May we all open to receive and share healing.
May we all be in loving presence with ourselves and others.


Animals epitomize Being Present; the photo is of my dear, sweet, goofy MacGyver who loved everyone he ever met - two-legged or four-legged, furred or feathered - and who shared his life with mine for over ten years until he departed his body in 2003. Gyver truly facilitated love and healing through his Presence; his heart was as big as the world.

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