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Friday, November 13, 2009

Healthy Bones & Calcium

We hear a lot about the calcium that women need as we age. Of course, it’s better to pay attention to getting enough calcium starting at the very least when we’re in our thirties! That said, most people turn to dairy products for their calcium source, but what to do when either dairy doesn’t ‘sit right’ with you or perhaps you’re vegan? In that case, you may take a tablet calcium supplement, but how much of that isolate is really absorbed without the natural synergy provided by Mother Nature? There are many books and recipes out there but I wanted to share with you one of my own personal whole-food favorites.

Evening Cup of Calcium Herbal Infusion

In the morning, mix together in a tea strainer:

3 heaping tsp oatstraw (delightful, mild flavor)
1 heaping tsp nettles (strong ‘green’ flavor)
1/4 tsp horsetail
1/4 tsp sage

Pour boiling water over this into a cup and let it steep, covered, all day. Contains approximately the same amount of calcium as one cup of milk.*

I drink mine either at room temperature (in the summer) or warmed (the rest of the year), and before or during the evening meal.

*Recipe slightly modified from Susun Weed’s book “New Menopausal Years” which I turn to constantly as an herbal resource.

There are also lots of whole foods to eat that contain good amounts of calcium, including kale, spinach and kelp! And taking Calc-phos tissue salts regularly will assist with maximum assimilation on a vibrational level. To learn more via articles, consults or classes, visit HolistiCARE.


  1. Parsley is a very good form of calcium and easy to incoporate in the diet by sprinkling a bit of dried parsley into any stews or soups just before serving. The taste isn't overpowering, so little noticed. I also add it to the dumplings I make with my soups: makes me feel less guilty about the fat content!! :-)


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