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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

living into fullness

Life purpose is not limited to a job title or a single achievement. We all have dynamic, constantly changing purposes that make life exciting and challenging. Living into the fullness of your unique constitution is a guidemap to nurturing your deepest talents and passions, leading directly to true fulfillment in life.
~ Eat Taste Heal by Yarema, Rhoda, Brannigan

When I read this, I experienced one of those precious "yes!" moments. I don't have to limit myself to finding my one purpose! This has been a huge realization for me; something I knew but didn't fully realize until recently (months? years?). While some people may find they do have a sole purpose or a single powerful gift that engages them in life-long pursuit and joy, what about those of us who feel multiple passions?! So, while I may have to prioritize at times, I don't have to choose one purpose. And when each passion or purpose is seated in love, isn't that all the more glorious? Ahhh...

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