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Thursday, January 19, 2012


"Overall, the Sonoran Desert has the greatest diversity of plant growth forms
- architectural strategies for dealing with heat and drought-
of any desert in the world." 
~ A Natural History of the Sonoran Desert


  1. This is gorgeous!!!! I love it! xoxoxox Susannah

  2. That saguaro looks like hands clapping!

  3. Thank you, ladies! I am really loving the immersion into the Desert...fascinating journey...internal and external both!

  4. Hola Darla, so nice visiting your lovely blog and meeting another woman who is sensible to Mother Earth´s Grace.
    hugs from Chile

  5. I'm enjoying seeing the desert through your words and pictures,

  6. Hola, Maria! So lovely to have you stop by!

    Kaveri, isn't it amazing how much we can learn from other life forms? And they share their essences freely with is so all we have to do is open and allow them to do so! much love...

    Vicki, thanks so much; what a journey... I love that I can still experience 'back east' through you. :-)

  7. I once saw a Planet Earth special about the desert - it was absolutely amazing, all the various ways that nature has developed to deal with the harsh conditions and scarce water. Thank you for sharing your photos with us - I love to see them!

  8. Brenda, isn't it though!? We have the Planet Earth DVDs but also PBS here in Arizona has a wealth of programs on the desert.


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