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Monday, January 16, 2012


A present unwrapped*; such is the morning, waiting with infinite possibilities.
Pause and feel the stillness of Her unwrapped moment, the fullness of discovery, see the gift before us.
How is it wrapped?
With bright colors or pastels in muted shades of sage and dusty rose, or with ribbons of light, thin and curly or broad and substantial. 
The unwrapped gift of the moment offers itself to be whatever we need: a hand to hold, a bird on wing, the eyes of devotion, the simple wiggle of a toe, or blink of an eyelid that protects yet reveals.
All before us is laid out in a patchwork quilt of unwrapped moments. 
We are the ones who choose the packaging. 
We are given the grace of opening into the space wherein the gift lays waiting. 
All we have to do is reach out and pull the tied ribbon, release the moment so beautifully wrapped in wisdom and love.
But what about the dark package, the box sitting to the side in shadow, a haze drifting about it like smog?
Maybe we can barely see it out of the corner of our eye, abandoned or neglected or purposely ignored until the ebony ribbon is a little frayed and the wrap is dusty and dull. 
Maybe it was a beautiful moment when first revealed but we were distracted and didn't see it, too busy to slow down, stop, admire the gift and unwrap it to reveal the most wondrous of all gifts nestled softly within?
Maybe it was a frightening moment, paper all lumpy and crinkled, tattered corners and coarse twine barely holding it together beneath the thick dust?
Asleep within, as the light infuses the box, a tiny sprite, barely visible until we look closely, stretches, yawns and then, upon the joy of our smile, it flutters up to whisper a secret into our ear. 
What is it? What is the gift of that moment that lay unwrapped for so very long?
The dust from the wrap is carried quickly away by the cleansing winds of change and the ribbon heals itself, weaving its frayed ends back together with silk threads of loving recognition that slide easily with a gentle touch.
And we find that this moment is exquisite--how could we have overlooked it for so long?
Just imagine all the other unwrapped gifts that might be lying around waiting, those precious moments now revealed in all their splendor when we pause long enough to recognize them and unwrap their mysteries.
Some large, some small. Some take place in a second, others were hovering nearby for hours or days just waiting for us to return to them. 
Yes, a moment is only here and now but the gifts of memory and imagination allow us to revisit the treasures we might have lost forever. Isn't that marvelous? 
So once in a while, pause and go on a treasure hunt, explore the inner world of Self and Soul, a landscape rich in possibility, to uncover, discover, and unwrap those moments too long set aside. 
Blow off the dust, pull the faded tape, tug at the delicate ribbon nearly falling apart, and unwrap that gift--the gift of Life. 
Every moment a treasure. 
And then, just maybe, they will no longer be missed in the full gift of Presence--presents right now. 
Each one will be seen, known, and unwrapped while fresh and new and full of Infinite Love, full of Grace, full of growth even in the darkest hour, because maybe their wrap is a little dark and black ribbon a bit intimidating but there is always Light within...
* "unwrapped" was an emailed daily writing prompt through ClarityWorks online.


  1. so beautiful...right from the start, that opening line is exquisite!

  2. Lovely -- the unwrapping prolongs the pleasure.

  3. This whole piece is beautifully written and rings true. My favorite line is "Every moment a treasure." :)

  4. Interesting post - I've been thinking about the "now" moment a lot lately - with all of its gifts, often unseen or overlooked because we are in too big a hurry.

  5. Beautiful reflection, Darla. It is indeed a wonderful thing when we can bring ourselves to discover the beauty in the less pretty packages---to find something lovely that we'd previously overlooked.

  6. Thank you, ladies. I love how the post touched everyone in different ways...


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