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Monday, January 30, 2012


Close my eyes and raise my hands.
Breathing, feeling the hum of Gaia throbbing through me,
I am vibrating ever so slightly in and out of matter and energy,
wavering in my place here and now. 
I feel at one and yet shift back and forth to know all.
Releasing, letting go, 
to be present without attachment and landed without clinging,
One... yet celebrate diversity of creations of all that exists.

Close my eyes and feel space growing between my cells, 
getting further apart, spreading, 
particles and waves in prisms of rainbow light 
and I am only an image through fairy mist as I expand thinner, 
less dense, air flowing through bones that are no longer connected 
by ligaments no longer taut but 
floating loose and free as all parts of my body drift away into space and 
I am only vibrations spreading far and wide, 
passing through others who are still solid illusion.
To land--but lightly--each time the vibration changes,  
I become form and shape to revel in the wonders of the world.
No need to choose because nothing and our form are the same components 
only vibrating at different speeds yet not speed, 
rather frequency...levels...nothing.

Close my eyes and the bee is humming himself into existence and back out again 
for I hear him and then he is gone and I only assume he still exists yet 
I no longer exist for him because he can see me no more. 
Let go of preference and allow all experience to flow through this moment 
bringing each wave into a shower of blessing before it soaks into the earth of me and grounded being. 
Hear the songs of life, the rhythms that come through from plant and animal, 
from those things we've created and those we think are no more yet have left 
their chords strumming softly upon the strings of those same ligaments that connect our bones, 
feel the air flow through those bones and hollows as we become the flute and the 
song within the form that comes and goes. 
Feel the massage that disappears the body until 
only energy remains, a temporary cohesion, a pause where only 
rhythm of hands and flow of movement is real and 
all else falls away into a nothingness that is strong and true. 
There is this interconnection of matter and energy that we know through senses yet 
falls away the instant we no longer attach to those senses enforced in childhood and 
then we experience self and world through the innocence of 
new beginnings that are always here and 
each wave is an ocean and each particle a mountain. 
I am not here but am everywhere when 
release becomes the music of each breath. 
Only existing from moment to moment to 
become the nothing out of illusion in an instant of non-attachment and 
then weight rushes back into ground me. 
The wise ones of animal and plant wink in and out of existence 
without thought 
as they ebb and flow within the world where we are all One and 
they smile with us as we learn, joy of song in their shifting. 
There is no real or illusion because it is all the same. 
All one energy, one beautiful flow of vibration that plays a song of existence. 
Thousands of years from now 
when it is yesterday once more 
we all will know this perfect birth as death of illusion and 
joy will permeate all living as the emptiness that holds all love is now. 

Close my eyes again and become pure vibration, everywhere.
And when I open my eyes, for an instant, 
I am still everywhere ... 
One with 
the rocks, 
the trees, 
the bee buzzing, 
the bird singing, 
the dog barking, 
the sun shining, 
the air blowing 
moisture into nostrils that flare with the inhale as 
vitality passes throughout this body. 
And then I land. 
Grounded once more in this body with feet planted. 
And we are One.


  1. OH Darla...amazing as always! Please stop by my blog, I have something waiting there for you:-)

  2. The drawing has a form with space to let everything pass through. The words a perfect compliment to nonattachment and interconnection, interbeing.

    Still, I identify with this cough, this fatigue, this irritation, but feel more at peace after stopping by to rest here:)

  3. Lovely writing, as always, Darla. I felt like this yesterday as I sat on our back patio with the late-winter sun on my face. It was completely quiet except for the sounds of the many birds, and I felt so connected and so serene.

  4. Beautiful expression of existing everywhere moment to moment. I especially love how that bee hums himself into existence!

  5. Dear sweet Laura, thank you.

    We journey together, precious mermaid, my peace be yours.

    Deep serenity of Mother Earth to you, beautiful Beth. Thank you.

    In gratitude, Diane, as we share the humming of the bees!


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