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Monday, January 23, 2012

Resonance of Community

See in the sunlight the spark of inspiration that saturates the sky, the atmosphere, with infinite potential. All of creation's inspiration is spread out before me when I look up! An entirely new infusion that is just as precious as the abundance of trees in other parts of the country that only yielded a small glimpse of the wide open blue expanse. Diversity that allows exploration of so many channels of heart and life. Here, there, all is precious. While walking and talking, I could feel my entire being opening up wider and wider, my form becoming thinner and less substantial, as I tried to express how the expanse inspires me further along the path of creativity. 

I inhale deeper. I want to inhale even more deeply all the way into the core of me, loving what was once daunting and enjoying the sensation of my channels all opening to profound breaths of Life! 

Where once there was a deepening of inner dives, where I sought to feel soul's depths and discover secrets of the darkness, to heal womb and hollows where shadows might still dwell, now--ah, now--that particular path of healing has come full circle, wholeness warming, cradling, and so I feel able and emboldened to see where else the journey of life may lead me. Where shall I pass and who shall I meet from all walks of life and all species of flora and fauna? Since coming here, opening, expansion is with every inhale and I delight in the flurry of ideas and feelings and sensations, like a flock of birds that dart in and out, their acrobatics mesmerizing...and then they pause, all alight upon the branches offered so graciously and the peace of stillness descends, the trees share their rootedness with the creatures of the air and within that space something new arises that has always been present. Look within the spaces, the gaps, and perceive the images that are created when earth and air are joined, and the light behind reveals the miracles of love and creativity and community.

It may seem strange for me to dwell upon community when I seem, to those who do not really know me, to exist in a solitary existence away from people. But that is because community is not about only people--community is Gaia--it is all forms of life and elementals, all seen and unseen beings and conscious energies, all spirit and substance. All are community because we are all One. This perception is what I sense more than I know. I feel it on all levels and it is a wisdom that I am coming to feel comfortable with--to feel a gift of this inner concept that is more heart-centered than anything I could study. I read other's words and resonate in familiarity that what they say is already here within on an energy level that is becoming brighter each moment. My journey from childhood to young adult to mature woman has presented me with opportunities to learn and grow and I have accepted their invitation more often than not and I am grateful. From traditional religion, to the 'nothing' of animal kingdom and nature, to esoteric and earth-centered, to the divinity of the feminine, to eastern traditions, to knowing that all reveal the same truths in their core yet are couched in different words of human-imposed structural controls yet to be stripped away. See the community there! And there! I slip and slide, too, as I humanly stumble along this path yet I see with eyes of Oneness and that is a comfort and a gift. A gift I receive gratefully. A gift I seek to remain humble with wrapped in its warmth. To share as a witness not as an 'expert'--to let go of ego and welcome One Vision, One Truth to be expressed. To simply share the subtle essence of what I feel.


  1. All your channels really are open! You inspired me to take a prompt and use Centered Writing Practice today. I'm not sure what my schedule will allow for future writing, but I take your invitation as witness, not as 'expert', and I love that we all are One.

  2. Beautiful post, Darla!

    "All are community because we are all One."

  3. Wow, what is that tree/shrub?? Looks like something that you'd see at the bottom of the ocean!

  4. Kaveri, I'm so happy to inspire as you and others carry that to me as well. I love what you wrote about Belly...your channels were open, too! (((BIGHUG)))

    Thank you, Diane; your photos reveal that you know this Oneness, too. :-)

    Brenda, that is a species of Cholla; I don't know which species, though, as there are, I believe, 9 types in the Tucson basin and I'm not yet up on what is what! LOL

  5. I'm with Brenda...that tree is amazing!

    I like your idea of "community" being more than just people---that is so often overlooked. Interestingly, I more often feel a sense of oneness and connection with the natural world of animals and trees and flowers and mountains and sky than with the people world. Which is one of the reasons I've found it so hard to find a church where I feel at home. I prefer the "sanctuary" of the outdoors. :-)

  6. Beth, we are so kindred in this... :-)


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