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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Falling Diamonds

(c) Jeremie Vaubaillon - The Quadrantids
diamonds falling
trails of stardust

pastel dawning
painted with feathers

Stars fall in streaking shimmers,
there for an instant,
a mere blink,
and then gone,
waving to sisters and brothers
on their quick journey-flash
across the inky stillness
of space.

An infinity of existence, 
winking in and out,
Crisp and brilliant,
Her diamonds placed strategically,
enticing lives and eyes alike.
A streak here, the nakedness of random showers,
sparkling ... effervescent.

Head tilted back,
scanning for a glimpse of showers of light at night 
and rewarded again and again.
And there!
Cold seeps into my body and I sink further 
into the big puffy coat that now has a happy purpose 
instead of shoved to the very back of the closet.
Reclining while the tail end of the shower finishes Her glimmering rhapsody 
in the minutes before dawn eases into the expansive bed between earth and space.
A subtle transition, shades that shift into each other, 
their fingers touching as they lay side by side sharing the sky.
In the moments leading up to dawn, 
I feel an amazing sensation; 
like the world is brand new, just being birthed. 
I am witness to Her labor.

Watching the ancient stars who are already gone, 
merely winking good-bye from a distant past, 
their smiles reflecting the light of possibility 
for all those new sparks who begin the journey, 
witnessed by us as diamonds on a necklace 
scattered across Her infinite neck and waist, 
ankles and wrists. 
Hear them jingling as She dances in the night sky? 

She offers inspiration from every pore; 
Her stars and moon and shadows of lunar-illumination.

Dawn is soft and speaks of faith,
to trust in the new day, new beginnings.
Ours is the choice--same or different?

Shivers and chills chase themselves around this body 
not used to the dense darkness.
Watching the stars hanging in their space, 
I could have been anywhere--another galaxy, 
another realm of existence. 
What if I had been watching from the other side of Now?

As I meditate, time pauses, 
do I feel myself shimmer out of this space, into another, 
my star-soul winking here and there, 
no more substantive than the light I see from a star that is long-gone.
Amazing wonders of our universe.
Gifted to have seen even once the miracles 
of star-shine and dawn-scape 
and diamonds piercing the mysterious black cape of night as they transform.
Each moment precious.
Senses bringing delights that satisfy and are ... enough.

This, a reason to rise early, 
to experience, 
at least once in a while, 
the birthing of this new day that is 
merely a spin on an axis, 
a twirl of timelessness.
Easy to take it for granted and allow it to be unrealized.
But don't. 
Know the passage of the turning of earth 
beneath feet stuck to Her skin by the weight of Her love.
Experience all these miracles and know diversity of life and spirit.

Now, as I sit writing, the sun has arrived, though of course never really departed.
A star. OUR STAR.
So strong and powerful in its light.
For a moment I am once again elsewhere.
I see the light from our sun long after it has ceased 
and we are the people who once inhabited the orbiting earth. 
Moved on to different planes of existence.
Twinkle, twinkle, little star, 
how I wonder who you are, 
and who you held in your light and nourished and shone the way forward.
I welcome our lights joining as One. 
All lights as One.
Spread out across the sky yet connected by the invisible threads woven through the eons of life, 
the sprinkled glimmering, sparkles that once were ... are the stardust that falls upon my eyelids and open my vision to Her light and our One light of love.
I see diamonds in your eyes. 


  1. Yes, they sure did look like falling diamonds! I'm glad you enjoyed watching that meteor shower too. :)

  2. Hey, you were out there? Were you up at 3am? We heard it was best between 3 and 5am but I couldn't get my lazy butt out of bed until 5 so probably missed some of the really incredible light show...


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