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Friday, January 27, 2012

Yucca and more

While exploring Arizona further south and east, I discovered more breathtakingly diverse scenery! The view in this photo is of Texas Canyon, so named because of all the Texans who settled this particular area.

A visit to the Amerind Foundation Museum yielded a wonderland of boulders, trees and the gorgeous Yucca elata. I have been enamored of this plant since my first trip to Bisbee, so imagine my delight in finding it so plentiful in another unique landscape. Unfortunately, I have yet to get a good photo of this yucca, but, trust me (or click HERE), they can grow big and bold--to a height of 10 to 18 feet, with a flower stalk growing 4 to 6 feet above its wild, palm-like head! Elegant flowers, wild wind-tossled 'hair', shaggy trunk ... fabulous.

Oh, anyway, back to the Amerind where I thoroughly enjoyed the professional exhibits. I particularly appreciated the main room where they clearly showed through artifacts, maps and notes the journey of the Apache/Navajo all the way from Alaska into the Southwest. Fascinating.

This trip also led us down the road to the nearly deserted town of Dragoon, named for its proximity to the Dragoon Mountains. So where did the name "Dragoon" come from? I had to google and found that before they were called the cavalry, they were called the dragoons following in the European tradition from before 1776. Interestingly, considering the persecution of the native people in the area by the United States military of the 1800s, wikipedia also says that dragoon means "to subjugate or persecute by the imposition of troops; and by extension to compel by any violent measures or threats." A sad but true history; recall yet move on with blessings upon those who suffered.

And yet, to end the day, a day of reflection and honor, joy in beauty, we stopped in at a cute little, brand new Mexican restaurant called Mi Casa in Benson. The food was fabulous and I highly recommend it; I will certainly be stopping there anytime I go that direction, whether for future trips to Bisbee, or on the upcoming trip down to the Chirachua National Monument.

It's one long journey of discovery here in Arizona!


  1. That looks like a beautiful area to explore with the boulders and all. I'm glad you explained what a dragoon is, as I'd heard of the Dragoon Mountains and imagined the name referred to a dragon. :)

  2. As it happens, Diane, you aren't far off because apparently going even further back for why mounted troops were referred to as dragoons led into the fact that dragoon could/did indeed refer to the creation of the musket and that it spit smoke and fire like a dragon! LOL

  3. Mi Casa...I am sure I would love it. Do they deliver I wonder?? I was surprised when I clicked the link. Around here, the "yucca" refers to quite a different plant, but one that nonetheless looks to have come from the desert! It's a short spiky leaved plant (cactus looking plant) with a beautiful flower stalk that can reach 6 feet tall!

  4. Brenda, the chile relleno and delightful dessert...I know you would love it! :-) Apparently, I am learning, there are many species of Yucca; quite educational! LOL

  5. Beautiful post.

    Regards and best wishes


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