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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Clever Girl

Morgana is so clever. I sit at the kitchen table studying. She comes over to me, nudges my elbow with her nose, and waits. I smile but continue with my studies. She nudges again. I smile. She comes around to the other side and nudges. I smile and ask "do you need to go 'outside'?" She wags her tail. I move my chair back. Pooka gets up from MORGAN'S BED and comes over to me eagerly to go 'outside' while Morgana quickly and quietly goes over to HER bed, lies down, and starts chewing on the bone left there. So, without having to move Pooka herself, she gets the bed AND the bone. Clever. And Pooka doesn't even realize what Morgana did because she didn't make a big deal of it ... and now he sits staring at me. Waiting. Too cute.

(The photo is from a few years ago. Morgana (on the right) is much more clever these days - older and wiser at 10 years.)

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  1. Such a clever girl! It was bound to be the female with the most brains!! :-) Not that I am sexist or anything!! :-)


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