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Saturday, May 9, 2009


Devotion is time

to touch the Divine.

Space to Be

in Divinity.

One with Source,


I offer devotion not as a religious construct but rather as a way of consciously connecting with All That Is. If I use a ‘name’, it is a way for me to ‘address’ an aspect or archetype of Divinity, not because I think that the Unknowable is a ‘person’ (just one more grand than I), but rather because through the act of addressing the Divine, I am allowed the gift of access to inner, outer, and other realms of Being. I often use genderless names or attributes as reminders that the Divine is All, but sometimes I may seek to be nurtured through the Divine Feminine, at other times supported through the Divine Masculine – applying gender may allow me to relate emotionally. Divinity is in me – Divinity is me. Divinity is you and the rocks and trees and birds and all Life. Divinity is sky and space and ether. But sometimes that Source of All can seem far away – separate – from me.

So I may sit on a log in the woods and be still – Divine Silence. I may light a candle and know the Spark within me is Divine. I may focus upon a prayer or words of inspiration or poem that offers emotion within Divine Speech. I may open my senses to music, incense, or colors that invoke the touch of Divinity. I may talk with my Beloved Friend as she comforts me and cradles me from within and without. These are all forms of devotion.

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