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Saturday, May 16, 2009

The Net

I had to send a huge 'thank you' a short bit ago to a friend. A few years ago she gifted me with her old mosquito net hat. At the time, I thought, well I can't imagine wearing that but who knows, and set it aside. Well, we have stunning weather today so this morning Ron and I went outside to do some yard work and clean up our various flower & hosta beds. OMG. Swarms and swarms of mosquitos and black-flies! ACK! In spite of bug repellants (herbal), these starving little beings were determined to suck me dry. I was miserable after only ten minutes and just about to call it a day when I remembered The Net. That ugly piece of apparel saved my life! LOL Okay, maybe not my life but certainly my face and my sanity if I wanted to stay outside. :-) I was absolutely tickled pink that I kept The Net as a gift. :-)

So now I have freshly cleaned flower beds (my sedum bed is my favorite, thus the photo) and accomplished what I set out to do. Thanks to The Net. ;-)


  1. Oh, it would be so nice to have it warm enough to be plagued by flies! We have had bitter winter weather return. And all the damp has encouraged the slugs and snails who have had a field day with my sedum. :-(

  2. You would have probably enjoyed our weather yesterday and today as we got a 'glimpse' of August - 90 yesterday, 86 today - but then we'll return to our lovely cool Spring weather for at least the next 10 days according to weather.com SORRY that the slugs and snails have been into your sedum; aren't sedum marvelous?! Maybe, if you have some survive, you can get some of your wonderful photos of them?!

  3. Oh wouldn't such warmth be lovely!! Another bleak, damp, depressing day here and I am shivering already.

    I only got into Sedums last year after finding one at a very reasonable price, but this year I have purchased several more as the bees loved them so much. I have had to dig the ones back up that the slugs particularly liked and put them in pots high up where the slugs can't get to them. I just hope they recover as I was left with just one bare stem. :-(

    Off for a hot bath and on to the daily grind.


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