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Sunday, May 3, 2009


I have eggs on the brain this morning!

It started Friday when I was excited to see that Rippling Waters organic farm just down the road from us was open for the season. I quickly bought some eggs produced by a local farmer; these chickens are free-range and fed organic grains and allowed by the farmer to live out their natural lives as fully and comfortably as possible. We only eat a modest number of eggs so this works out well for us and the chickens.

Then, this morning, breakfast at krista's (our favorite local eating place!) was enticing: eggs benedict with fresh asparagus. It was absolutely DELICIOUS. Honestly, I was oohing and ahhing throughout the entire meal! Her sauce is divine and I had never had it with asparagus before - but certainly will in the future (with or without the eggs). I don't have eggs too often when we eat out because I'm never sure where the restaurants buy them, but krista tends to buy local whenever possible (and I give thanks to the chicken for her offering).

This brings me to awareness about eggs. I recently returned to the state of not eating meat or poultry - and rarely fish. When Ron and I first met in 1999, I had been a vegetarian-type for about four or five years, but somehow let that slip as time went by. With renewed energy these past few years toward health of mind, body and spirit, I knew I would return to conscious eating. Along with this, of course, comes an awareness of how most chickens in 'factory farms' are treated in order to get their eggs -- so I am as careful as possible in where I get my eggs (same thing with dairy products).

This state of awareness of food (animals, plants, world, environment) is one I'm cultivating, and of which I'm mindful. I'm far from perfect but then none of us are. I simply do my best, one step at a time. Being mindful. Being present.

"Quantum wellness, when it comes to eating, is about keeping your eyes open and scrutinizing the process from beginning to end, as well as thinking about how your dietary choices affect others. ... Any food choice that is truly good for your health will also be beneficial to your spiritual well-being (meaning that no spiritual principles, such as mercy, compassion, environmental stewardship, or kindness, have been violated)." ~ Kathy Freston, Quantum Wellness

Last year, during the Women & Wellness Goddess Within party, each of the women attending created their own 'egg of creativity and new beginnings'. I had done this same thing several years earlier with a small group of friends and found it fun and rewarding. I always enjoy how the eggs reveal themselves to reflect inner guidance. The photo is of my own egg creations; the green one was from my earlier party - revealing a devotion to the divine feminine - while the others are from last year's party - sharing my new direction toward love, peace, empowerment and play! Spring egg decorating is not just for kids - I encourage you to try it! Even more simple, just cultivate egg symbolism through meditation or another art form. Draw an egg and within it place all those things which you would like to bring into your life!


  1. Great to see that you have gone back to not eating meat. I felt so much better, both mentally and physically, all those years ago when I cut it out of my diet. I do so believe that what we do in life comes back to us, and so the better we try to be/behave, the better our lives will be - not easy at times, but still worth the effort.

  2. I do feel awesome! One of these days, please send me some of your favorite recipes! :-)


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