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Monday, May 4, 2009

What Emerges

Sometimes I'm so surprised by what emerges from my pen! LOL Following are two little poems that came out before going to bed last night and Saturday night; normally, I do write a bit, generally as gratitude notes to myself for the day, but occasionally other 'stuff' comes through as well...

Once upon a time
a little girl
picks up her shoe
and inside is a snail.

"Is my trail a crime?"
a little voice
asks calling up
from inside the shell.

"You've spread it with slime!"
the cry came out
tears falling down
salt mixing with goo.

A pinch at a time
backwards she goes
retracing her path
erasing all signs of ... who ...

* * *

Light diffused in lunar glow
that guides our sight to inner flow
so we might see and hear and know
the wondrous gifts of our own soul.

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