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Monday, October 18, 2010

a book of poetry

So, I finally did it. Mom has always loved my poetry, so this past weekend I pulled together a limited collection of my work into a pretty, hardcover book on lulu.com to give as a gift. Because of the format I chose (color pages, some photos), I can't see other people wanting to purchase such an expensive volume, but I'm sure that Mom will enjoy it. And that was, after all, the point of this particular endeavor!

For any of you who enjoy writing and want to share some of it with family or friends, or even just to have it printed/published into a 'real' book, I would encourage you to explore lulu.com -- it's easy and fun! We all know people who make crafts, or quilt, or knit, or do woodworking, or paint, or all manner of creative works, and they give these to others as gifts, or display them in their homes. So why not share your creative writing?!

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