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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Supta Baddha Konasana

Since starting Yoga a couple years ago, there is one asana that remains a strong favorite. Whenever I make space to come into this lovely restorative pose, tremendous peace and love pervades my being. While the 'traditional' reclining bound angle pose feels nice, it wasn't until I got the book "The Woman's Book of Yoga & Health" and obtained bolsters that I really fell in love with this asana done as supported. Incredible! Truly.

I sink into this asana and feel my entire heart open, shoulders relax, arms heavy. I usually also put blocks under my knees as support - the opening of my hips varies each time I do this asana, and because it is a restorative pose, I don't want to feel strain, only a gentle opening, widening. I feel like I am the horizon between earth and sky; grounded yet open to the universe.

This morning while finishing my Yoga practice with this asana, the timing was perfect for me to be enveloped within the sunshine pouring through the skylight, a golden glow cast upon my entire being, warmth suffusing my body. Heavenly!

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