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Friday, October 22, 2010

warm drinks!

With the onset of our lovely, cool autumn weather, most of us are drinking more teas and warm liquids. One of my favorites for years now has been the herbal 'coffee substitute' Teeccino. Ever tried it? My current favorite is the organic Maya Chocolate -- they put a touch of cayenne in it -- YUM! And, while I have a large supply of the loose for here at home, they now offer it in "tee-bags" for on-the-go. The winner of a recent contest gave a delightful use for these little tee-bags or, really, any tea-bag: "to send one in a nice card to a far away loved one (with a time to drink it as a long-distance get-together)". Isn't that a wonderful idea?!

And Teeccino is a healthy drink as well; non-acidic, energizing (but without caffeine), containing inulin (a prebiotic inherent in the chicory root that is good for the gut) and potassium (an alkaline mineral and a much-needed electrolyte). Most of us have systems that are far too acidic; Teeccino can help with this.

I have memories of my parents using Chicory in their coffee, so I was already a little familiar with the flavor. I'm guessing that they were introduced to it via their love of visiting New Orleans (French roast coffee regularly included chicory), but maybe it was a southern Missouri favorite as well? Hmm. I'll have to ask Mom.

So anyway, no, I don't sell Teeccino, but I sure like it!

free photo of chicory flower © Yan Zommer | Dreamstime.com


  1. Coffee with chicory in it used to be very popular over here when coffee was much more expensive, back in the sixties and seventies. There used to be a brand called Camp coffee that came in a liquid form. As coffee became cheaper you saw it less and less, except for in healthfood shops.

    I like a coffee substitute called Bambu: a mix of acorns and barley.

  2. Sounds yummy. I'll have to see if I can find Bambu locally... :-)


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