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Thursday, October 21, 2010


Oddly enough, I like BIG ears! The Corgi boys have big ears, the Oriental Shorthair cats have big ears relatively speaking. Why is this penchant odd? Because I have always hated my own big ears. I know intimately the oft-repeated story of when I was a baby and Mom was showing me to my great-aunt (or great-great...I can never remember) who promptly said that I was lovely except it was too bad that I had my grandmother's ears. Grandma was mortified. Mom taken aback. So, I have big ears, or rather, the lobes, concha and lower half are normal sized, while the upper pinna, aka auricle, is big and flat. Where most people's ear 'curls' - at an area on the outer rim called the helix - mine doesn't. Bizarre. However, perhaps that is a reflection on the fact that in almost every relationship I've had, especially with other women, I'm the listener the larger percentage of the time. And since the job of the pinna is to capture sound waves, then I am physiologically designed for the part!

A day of random thoughts that don't really fit into a category so I stuck one up here ...


  1. I too have big ears! But mine stick out a bit like Prince Charles'ears. And of course, with me being an odd person,one sticks out more than the other!! Another connection across the universe. :-)

  2. Love those connections!!!! I used to hate wearing pony-tails because they showed my ears, but thankfully got used to that decades ago. A nice thing about my big ears is that they hold my hair back nicely... ;-)

  3. I have become more sensitive about my big ears as I have got older, funnily enough, and now wear my hair over my ears rather than cut sharply above.

  4. Oh no! We're supposed to get LESS self-conscious as we get older, not more! LOL


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