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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Love Prevails

One night, as I was drifting off to sleep, I 'heard' that I should take Love Prevails Flower Essence the next day. I did and felt so deeply comforted all morning that tears kept welling up in love and gratitude.

A little backstory...

I am blessed to live with many companion animals and have for several decades. Because many of them are elderly, this year has been a challenging one as I have lost three of my beloved older felines (Liette, Imhotep and Demeter), the latest was on 9/11. And I have yet several dogs who are elders with chronic challenges that had flared up. At the same time as the above-mentioned sleep-message, one of my middle-aged cats, Khepra, was taken to the vet for exam because he had begun to exhibit a strange, sporadic hind leg paralysis; the vet said he has a heart murmur, and we sent blood off for a chemistry panel. So that evening was...well...difficult. I was already taking various flower essences supportively. But I was ever so grateful for the message to take Love Prevails, as the energy I felt from that essence blend was so loving and nurturing, bringing incredible additional peace.

I sent a heart-felt "thank you" to Molly, and everyone at Green Hope Farm (where Love Prevails Flower Essence comes from), for their sensitivity and intuition, and most of all thank you to the Flowers, Angels and Elementals, and all Light Beings of the Infinite for such precious gifts.

Later, after taking the essence and writing about my Love Prevails experience, I read about the making of it in the Venus Garden. I was struck by Molly's description of the Pink Cleomes; not knowing what they looked like, I did a search on the web. Imagine my surprise when I saw that Cleome was the flower growing wild in my Mom's yard in August that I took pictures (shown here) of because I loved it so much, was drawn to it so strongly, but didn't know what it was! She didn't know what it was either because the yard was Dad's hobby and he died two years ago. As Molly said with eloquence: "the Flowers were there blessing you and carrying your dad's love to you across time! I am really moved by the beauty of love and the synchronicities all around us and the special way your dad's ongoing love for you was revealed to you." So, another beautifully magnificent piece of Love Prevails fell into place for me.

We are all blessed in so many ways and the flowers open our hearts, souls, and minds to the unseen miracles and energies within and around us every moment... AMAZING.

In deep love and compassion to and for all Beings...


  1. It is amazing how things come together across the spaces and times of this world in which we live. So glad to hear that the essence helped you.

  2. So true. I'm reminded of how limited we are in our thinking when we conceive of 'time' as only 'clock-time' rather than points in a non-linear continuum.


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