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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

where gypsies danced

Gypsies dance

Among the trees

Their bright skirts twirl

Multicolored leaves

A shoulder bare

Dips in the air

A branch now cold

Lost leaves of gold

To the patchwork path

Where gypsies dance

Tattered scarves


limbs of graceful curve

Revealing gaping

Wounds both fresh and old

While whirling in the crisp, cold

Air, there gypsies dance

So fair the fireworks displayed

And brightly play

The leafy veils

Where heat prevails

A moment more

While gypsies dance and soar

Their scarves like fire

Dipping down

To brush the ground

Then soaring high

To graze the sky

Slowly fading scarves descend

Landing softly in the end

To rest at last

On patchwork path

Where gypsies danced


For fun, I even recorded the poem in MP3 format; enjoy it HERE

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