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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Pomegranates as Food

It's that precious time of year when I can easily get Pomegranates in the grocery store! I'm so excited as I absolutely LOVE this fruit and, with its growing season a relatively short one, I like to make sure I eat them as often as I want. They are not considered a food to favor for Vata-types or necessarily good during Autumn due to their astringency, however, if you are still feeling over-heated from the summer, they are balancing for Pitta, or if you are feeling heavy, weighty, and congested, they can be balancing for Kapha. Because of how Pomegranate can aggravate Vata, especially during Autumn, if you eat them, just be sure to balance them out nicely with some Vata-pacifying foods! Because my hot flashes tend to flare up in late summer, early fall, I find Pomegranates to be a wonderful coolant. Enjoy them!

photo © Melinda Nagy | Dreamstime.com

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