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Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Friendships come and go like the tide, sometimes gentle, at other times reflecting a storm off-shore, but still they ebb and flow, and I feel peace in the release. I didn't used to feel this way, but now, most of the time, it seems so natural and easy just to Be with whoever happens to Be with me in that moment. I find that I less often think 'friend' or 'not friend' or 'old friend' -- unless I am corresponding or talking with a person, or consciously reflecting upon a relationship, categorizing 'friendship' doesn't seem very important in the moment.


  1. I always think that friends are there at a time when our lives need them. When I look back, and reflect on relationships that are over, I see that they helped me through some very bad patches, but then the time came for both of us to move on. At times those friendships come back, sometimes after many years, as happened to me recently when a friend contacted me after six years, having finally forgiven me for upsetting them. Our friendship is good again now and perhaps we both needed space to explore other worlds. I know that some friendships will be over forever which is sad as I really valued the conversations and times I spent with those people but that is life.

  2. I'm pleased for you that a friendship has been renewed. :)


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