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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Nature Writing Etc

I recall waaaaaaaaaay back in high school, that I took one of those aptitude tests and it indicated that I would be best as either a forest ranger or a journalist. You think?! LOL Seems to have been pretty accurate, although, since I never did manage to attend college, I sort of fell into secretarial work ... for over two decades! But still, I've always made the time for writing and nature because I felt, and still do, that they sustain me. I've always had nature 'indoors' in the blessed forms of animal companions, and, even the few times I lived in a city, the weekends were more often than not spent taking forays into the mountains or woods or somewhere 'away' in nature. Writing has always been journals and stories and rhymes and all forms of shaping words to express, find, nurture, and heal my Self.

This morning saw a bright clear sky dawn after a somewhat rainy and overcast week, both so very nourishing in their own ways. The woods are filled with striking contrasts, boldly proclaiming the fall! This photo shows, as best I can, a particularly awesome corridor of light and color... Isn't Our Mother lovely?!

I find individual journeys fascinating.
And how each of us comes to realize our Self even more fascinating.
What I have discovered to be True is that just as each of us is unique in our manifestation in the world of form, so are we unique in the path we follow to the Light.
As I have begun to explore the world of Yoga and Ayurveda in the past few years, I find a sense of open acceptance among most, yet there is still a touch of 'only one way' in those most passionate about what they have discovered along the way.
And so we continue the fascinating journeys.

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