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Thursday, November 11, 2010


Is it possible that we just keep making things more complicated for ourselves? Even natural healing? What is it about us humans that starts with something simple and then we snowball into making it complex, adding more rules and structure, and things like "if this then do that" until the simplicity that we had begun instead becomes a way to create complex identity?

For instance, take Bach and his flower essences (he is the modern forefather of flower essences). He had these simple intuitive notions of how the average individual could easily use these essences; now we have books that are hundreds of pages long and extensive courses that teach us how to use them. Then there are the many theories and methods as to how to properly use Homeopathic remedies, many of them in conflict with the others. Even pure energy work like Reiki comes from a system that says do it only this way, followed by all these other energy-body work methods that say no do it this way. Ayurveda comes from the beautiful basic simplicity of applying the opposite quality in order to regain balance, yet often requires hundreds of hours of schooling even to do the basics properly according to some of the experts.

And those remedies and methods all came from a person, group or community simply DOING it and then sharing the method they had used, that before long became a rigid system. Where does helpful guidance stop and rigid rules begin? Where does our own intuitive wisdom come into play?

I am all for education and guidelines; I love learning from other people and cultures as to what they have discovered helps to catalyze our inner ability to heal ourselves.

But when, where and how does Ego step aside for true Self-realization and Self-healing? With awareness... we can get out of our own way...


photo of Sweet Shrub flower in water courtesy C. Sanchez, all rights reserved


  1. Interesting questions -- so many Ways -- maybe all leading to the same goal.

  2. Yes, same goal, different paths... Indeed...!
    Sweet Shrub in the photo...from NC... :-)


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