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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Lady of the Lake

I rest under a sheet of ice, leaves upon my skin, as I press my hands against the pane, prints merge with dark, decaying matter, smearing.

I rest beneath the dying foliage, disintegration forms a second layer upon my skin, lightly marking me with its offering of the past now gone.

A time to reflect and release. The cool, dark blue of the lake where I float supporting me between depths of emotional womb and the transformation that awaits me. I breathe and taste the acrid, bitter waters infiltrated by the crumbling leaves, their once-glorious colors now drab and dull as they let go of what they once were, no longer of use. They permeate my flesh,melting into it from pressure and the natural merging of that which was into the present that is.

As I die to the past, accepting, beneath the smudges and sticky, withering of what was, I feel hands reach toward me, hands of new opportunity, new love, new life, that reach under my head and shoulders so that I don't sink into the lake's depths but rest easily in the moments of transformation, and then light emerges from my own fingers, drawn from within, from my own depths of Being, light that reaches out to touch the light reaching in, spreading, awakening.

The pane of ice once pressing me into death is lit and melts into the waters, taking with it the remnants of leafy past as the bits slide down my skin, slimy but no longer cold, no longer between but rising in the light, I feel the weight falling away as I rise into the air, the wind teasing my freed skin, the dawn on the horizon heralding a new moment until I no longer feel my light within and the light without as separate. We are One. We join even though we were never really apart, only a perception that kept us away from each other.

I am the new life rising from the leafy compost.

I am the new life emerging from the cold lake.

The light of opportunity and new growth spreads out from every part of me into all areas of the world around. Smiling, I move into and merge with Her and we awaken all to Her Glory and Grace in the new moment, new day, new life, the new age of Light and Love.
I wrote the preceding based upon the Soul Card I drew blindly from the deck this morning. I wanted to feel a different catalyst, a different stimulant to my morning pages of writing. To see an image and write what I see and feel and imagine. I enjoyed the process! A beautiful way to tap into my roots. My life is a blend of so many aspects and concepts, directions and stillness, noise and silence. The merging can sometimes feel like chaos when I don't make space to rest. Rest not only physically, but also emotionally, mentally and spiritually. In my younger years I easily vacillated between hysteria and depression, extremes that were exhausting and carried me more than once to the brink. I think that is why I moved from home to home sometimes - the change was forced movement and transformation that pulled me out of stagnation or a vicious cycle of ups and downs and one that allowed new energy to flow through me.

As I sat down to post my writing on this blog, I went to Deborah's web site to provide a link for her Soul Cards. Awareness of the synchronicity in life is important to me so let me share this one with you...

I bought my deck of cards over 12 years ago, and turned to them regularly for a while. However, until I saw a soul card image on Divine Sparks last week, I had forgotten about them. So, this morning, I pulled my first card in years and, guess what, the image (out of a possible sixty images) I pulled is the same one used on the cover for her DVD "Through The Veil: The Story of Touch Drawing" -- there are no accidents, and, since I have been drawn to drawing lately, using my iPad to draw with my fingers as it so happens, I will be ordering some of Deborah's materials to see where they lead me!


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