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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Working With Light

This segment draws me to it again and again. Below are a few quotes that I have transcribed from the video "Working With Light, Part 2 of 11, by Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee:

“It’s always been there in the background, I think for most people it is either conscience or the spark of intuition, that’s how it comes into most people’s life, there is this conscience, this Light that they can refer to...”

“You find a Teacher and you find a Path ... and then you embark upon the practices of the Path, and then begins the journey of the Soul, until then you had the journey of the Ego, the journey of the Personality, but traditionally, at that moment then, it’s called the Second Birth, the Soul wakes up again in this Life and then you begin the Journey of the Soul.”

“What the Sufis call Light Upon Light ... As you work upon your own Self, and again it doesn’t matter what practices you do, it is the intention behind that matters, your Light grows and it also attracts to its Self another Light, which if you like is the Light of your Divine Potential, that is waiting for you to be lived.”

These are incredibly inspiring energies. And I believe that a "teacher" (or "teachers") may appear in many guises, maybe only once for a few hours do we sit in their presence, or maybe they share their wisdom, sight, and Light through their words in book, audio or video. Energy and Light require no form; if we are open to their vibrations, they will resonate within. Once we connect, the thread is created.

To know, really know, the Light of Self, and to become aware and awakened to how to live the Light of Divine Potential, is a gift beyond measure.

The above clip is availabe on YouTube; or you can visit Working With Oneness.

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