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Monday, November 1, 2010

Sending Healing Energy

Mom is in hospital for the next few days; she had knee surgery this morning. So I thought I would share something I do when I wish to send continual healing energy to someone near or far (in this case, I'm in Maine and Mom is in Missouri).

First, during Sadhana, I fill a bowl with water and salt, and infuse it with the healing energies of mantra and Reiki. I add the flower essences that are being called. Then, I add whatever stone or other element may be asking to be included (in Mom's case today, a white stone and a sand dollar) in the bottom of the bowl. I follow this by lighting a floating candle in the bowl. Thus, all the elements are participating in the healing energy that is being sent on the wings of a prayer and a blessing for One and All.

For our highest good
For the good of all
According to the free will of all

May we all be at peace
May our hearts remain open
May we awaken to the light of our own true nature
May we all be healed
May we be a source of healing for each other and our world

Thank you to Jan over at Awake Is Good for today's timely reminder about candle rituals.

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