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Thursday, November 25, 2010


There is a beautiful song called "I Say Grace" by Hayley Westenra, the chorus is
I say grace for the blue painted sky
I say grace for my lucky stars that shine
When I look back on the road that I've traveled down
I say grace for the love that I have found

So much to be grateful for, so I join with others in saying Grace...

I say grace for each moment, every day, that is filled with abundance,
I say grace for the miracles and gifts of Mother Earth and the world beyond form,
I say grace for Ron, the companionship of animals, family, community,
I say grace for enough .... food, home, safety, security,
I say grace for my body and its ability to grow, change, transform and be flexible,
I say grace for feeling love, peace, joy, creativity and confidence to Be my Self 'as is',
I say grace for the increasing awareness of acceptance and non-attachment,
I say grace to embrace, release, and be still.
I say Grace.

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