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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Silence is Golden (Armor)

Here in Maine, on our couple of wooded acres in the country, the power was out from Sunday night around 11:30 until this morning at 8:30. This was the result of a wild storm that blew through with its gully-washer rainfall and tree-felling winds. Yesterday, I was home all day, blissful within the resounding silence. Not simply the auditory silence, but the energetic silence as well as it seeped into my very deepest aura and tissues.

We bought a generator a couple years ago, but I'm not comfortable running it so during the day I stay without power, occasionally turning on the small propane space heater for a few minutes to maintain warmth, and then off it goes again (without electricity, the space heater cannot monitor itself and so would run full on if I didn't turn it back off). I sat in a chair near the window so that I could read, not my usual spot, and noticed both of the boys staring me as if to say "Mom, why are you over there?" (photo).

I'm always surprised at the intensity of the peace that descends when we are without power during the week, as happens generally several times a year, usually in winter. Since we live out in the country, once our neighbors leave for work and school, and thus the various generators are all turned off, the silence that settles is profoundly nourishing.

This time, however, something happened that caught me off guard. After spending the entire day yesterday reading and writing in silence, other than the occasional noises of our dogs and cats, when Ron returned home from work and turned on the generator, I found myself increasingly restless and almost agitated. We went to bed early (no generator) and I slept straight through, reveling in the deep darkness and serene silence. Waking at 5 to put the dogs out, Ron then got up to start the generator as he got ready for work. And my agitation started to rise again! I suddenly realized that, while the transition to silence didn't bother me, the sudden increase in electricity in our environment apparently did! Wow. And then, just as I was relaxing again after he left (generator off), our power came back on.

This time I was ready though. :-) I promptly pulled out my bottle of Golden Armor, put some drops in a glass of water, and started sipping it. Ahhh. Shortly thereafter, I began feeling more 'normal' and I will continue to sip the water the rest of the day to assist in my transition back into the modern environment rampant with electromagnetic fields. Don't get me wrong, I really enjoy all the wonders of our technology and the conveniences that they bring. And our house has plenty of those! LOL Nevertheless...

... I do so treasure the silence when it comes for a visit ...


  1. Oh, yes! I love the sound of silence -- often all too rare.

  2. I may actually see if my husband would want to voluntarily turn off our power for a couple hours a month! I feel it would be good for both of us!


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