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Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Father Story

Several months ago, I attended a writing retreat. There I discovered 'unfinished business' with my father who had died two years ago. This came as a surprise to me although there was nothing dramatic, but rather subtle energies, or threads, that were loose in the fabric of that relationship. Since then, I have begun exploring The Father Story in my own life, and that of others through various means.

For instance, I bought a copy of "Daughters of Saturn ~ From Father's Daughter to Creative Woman" by Patricia Reis; I enjoyed reading an earlier work of the author's so was drawn to this one, being so on topic. I'm struggling through it, however, since much of it feels stiff, starched and sterile; I'm not sure why. Am I resisting it on some level?

Interestingly, the latest novel I'm writing is a 'father story' in many respects. This wasn't my intent originally, but since it was already leaning that way, I will go with that flow and expand upon this sub-theme; I will open to it and see where it leads the characters.

Now that I've opened to this exploration, I'm curious to discover the nuances of how Dad and our traditional-values home may have influenced me in ways I had not considered earlier in my life.

This is a new aspect of my journey. I rest peacefully in the present, yet remain curious about the past ... The Father Story.

I wonder how many of us have 'unfinished business' with our fathers?

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