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Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Tomorrow we celebrate the Fall Equinox, a traditional time of balance and harvest. Not just the harvest of food, but also that which we've sown and will now reap on a deeply personal level.

This is a transitional period and so we may also find our physical bodies more susceptible to external influences, so take care to bring within what you need in order to maintain physical, mental and spiritual health.

"Our emotional and spiritual challenge is to accept the consequences of our actions, and to find the wisdom to reflect, balance and discern." ~ Colette Gardiner 1999, We'Moon 2000

Her Giveaway Dance

How does she know each perfect
moment to release her hold? So clean,
no questions, her twigs unsnap.

In Spring she was Maiden, surprised
and proud with new beauty.
White dream at the edge of the green,
she trusted her bud into bloom.
One day she was transparent
with love, the whole tree
quivered in ecstasy, the blossoms
were mating with bees. Her petals
snowed down upon me all day long.

Now this miracle: flower to fruit. Such
a production to offer so casually. When an apple
strikes and rolls from the roof, her rhythm
of deliverance slaps the edge of a djembe.
When one thuds to the earth: bass
from the drum's center. Her Giveaway Dance
goes on for weeks. We gather red bounty
every day. We eat apples for breakfast,
for dessert. In fever we eat them to become
summer. Still she dances apples down.
Each gesture, a cupped breast. Again
and again until her mothering's done.

~ Sue Silvermarie 1998, We'Moon 2000

photo © | Dreamstime.com

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