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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Main Event: Adventures in Storytelling

Premiering October 31st and running at least through February 2nd, this event has been long anticipated by my Creative Self! Are you with me? Can you feel the fluttering in my womb and the pounding of my heart?!

An event in stasis for the past 18 months, only given the most teensy bits of attention here and there while I focused upon Ayurvedic studies, I am nearly ready to once more embrace my dear friends Imagination, Inspiration and Creation. They’ve been patiently waiting, glowing with their inner light, until they could come out to play full-time. The timing will be perfect, as it always is when remembering to flow with Mother Earth’s cycles and my own inner guide, as I prepare for this most precious event.

Preparations for “Adventures in Storytelling” include completion of my AIVS course and an Ayurvedic class I will be facilitating. Finishing these two projects will temporarily lower the priority of my health care studies in order to raise the priority of my creative writing. This ebb and flow is necessary because I have learned that, in my own life, I cannot ‘do it all’ and remain sane. Thus, when I’m ready to focus upon a particular aspect, I realize that it means releasing something else - perhaps not forever, just for now.

I am shifting and making space for a new or renewed energy to come in, flare up, and make its home in the hearth of my Great Room for a while. Other interests are gently and lovingly packed away and moved into the attic where they will come to rest, their former blaze settling into a lovely ember. Already the changes are beginning, attention shifting back and forth as I tend two fires, but providing fuel for both can be exhausting.

Yet this is a time of harvest when action culminates in all the many forms of Doing; we are focused outwardly, actively gathering up all the fruits of our labors. Soon enough will be the time of Being, going within, nurturing our souls, connecting with Self ... embracing quiet creativity, imagining how all the colors of the rainbow manifest, feeling as we inspire and are inspired from the depths.

For me, creative writing is the fullness of Puspavat...Flowering of Body Mind and Spirit.

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