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Monday, September 20, 2010


Empty. Space. Shapes and textures. As I doodle, I realize that what draws (?!) me to it is being able to create shapes and flow. Perhaps similar to what I enjoy about handwriting - in cursive - to feel and see and sense the flow, the curves, the images evoked from the ink, the color as it flows across the page or pad whether paper or glass. It is like another world where magic appears, where first there is emptiness and then these shapes appear that are grounded in a knowledge but take shape, new, clean, each time, never exactly the same, and I can become one with the flow as my fingers move and my eyes see -- beautiful and sometimes letters are dropped or lost along the way where a word is still a word, recognizable, yet even more curious and unique than before. When I doodle, it can feel the same way, that here is what we call a circle or a straight line and yet the shape that emerges is not the same as it was before! And on the iPad, it is like finger-painting! Only a tip of a finger that moves, slow or fast, light pressure or more firm to create a different impression. Like our impact upon the world around us reflected within the drawing or image or word.

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